Collective kitchens for deliveries

The latest trend in the restaurant industry

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The first collective kitchen chain in Israel

We rent kitchens outfitted for deliveries to ensure that the delivery reaches your customer with maximum efficiency.

Who is our solution for?

Existing restaurants: Unable to prepare more deliveries due to the workload.

Existing restaurants: Seeking to expand to new areas.

Manufacturers and restaurants: Seeking a central/short-term  kitchen.

New restaurants: Do not wish to invest large sums in a new place.

New restaurants: Want to avoid a year of locating, renovating and  licensing a location.

What are we offering?

Various sized kitchen spaces based on your needs.

A monthly rental model for varying durations.

Kitchens equipped with all of the necessary cooking  infrastructures.

Each customer gets its own private space, along with access to  collective areas and services.

Collective areas:

Receiving docks, vegetable rinsing, refrigeration, food sections, storage and more

We save you the headache.

All of the infrastructures required by the Ministry of Health: fume hoods, sprinklers, grease traps and more.

The construction and infrastructures enable you to rapidly obtain a manufacturing license.

We save you money.

Almost 1M NIS
to build a new place.

Optimized for delivery operations and streamlining delivery  expenses.

Tel Aviv

Ramat HaSharon - Herzeliya
(Coming soon)
Rishon LeZion (Coming soon)

Just Cook
We’ll do the rest

One screen for all orders and an advanced interface for the delivery service.

Additional services:
Cleaning, maintenance, deliveries, Kashrut and more.

One invoice, including:

Rent and management fees • Municipal property tax • Electricity, water, gas • Manufacturer and business license • Collective area cleaning and basic cleaning of individual areas • Veterinary supervisions • Fast internet.

We are even prepared for this…Drone landing pad on the roof

About Us

Smart Kitchens is an innovative venture of collective delivery kitchens.

The venture developed after we identified the consistent increase in the restaurant delivery trend. In most cases, restaurants are not set up to operate deliveries while serving diners in the restaurant.

We therefore decided to establish kitchens dedicated to deliveries, saving you the headache of opening up a new place.

We take care of all of the infrastructures, licenses and permits. You do what you do best – prepare excellent dishes.

Smart Kitchens were planned to ensure an efficient work process – many areas are collective, thus the costs are shared by all of the restaurants and the individual workspace is tailored to your needs. We have developed technical and technological infrastructures that will help you prepare dishes at maximum efficiency and reach customers at a minimum time.

Smart Kitchen is run by entrepreneurs experienced in restaurant management and operations, as well as Israel’s leading kitchen planners and licensing advisors.

We would love to meet in order to devise solutions that precisely fit your needs.

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